Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well my Pinterest followers really enjoy two of my pins.  In fact, there are two pins that account for almost half of the repins on my Pinterest page. Here they are for those of you who don't follow me there yet. 

The first is a painting by Van Gogh titled Almendro en Flor - shown below.

There is a saying that no two people read the same book.  Each person experiences a book differently.  We each have our own unique images in our mind when reading a book.  The same is true for visual art.  Although you and I look at the same painting above, it may mean completely different things to us.  It may bring back some memory or evoke some emotion for you that it doesn't for me.  Visual art isn't just visual.  It's intellectual and emotional as well.

What does the painting above say to you?  Do the colors create a particular emotion or mood?  This is a painting of a delicate branch.  What does that mean to you?  If you think about the emotions it brings out in you, does that evoke some memory?  

When I saw this painting for the first time it made me think of spring and new beginnings. The delicacy of the branch and the flowers represent new, fragile life, fully of possibility.  The cool, refreshing blue sky and delicate white flowers are soothing. 

Sometimes we know the artist's intent and sometimes we don't.  It's said that Van Gogh painted this in celebration of the birth of his nephew - in celebration of a new beginning! A new, fragile life, full of possibility!  It's very easy for me to see that in this artwork.  Did you see something different?

The other popular pin from my Pinterest page is a recipe.  You are people of varied interests - cooking and art!  I love both as well though so personally I think you're geniuses to love both.  :)

The recipe is for easy lemon sugar snaps.  They are awesome!

I love lemon so maybe I'm biased but I don't think so based on how quickly they disappeared during the holidays.  Make them! 

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