Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Tour Review - "Wanderlust" by Elieba Levine

Publisher: Pinnacle (September 26, 2012)
Category: Erotica
Tour Dates: March, 2013
Available in: ebook  196 pages

ADVENTURE From New York to Kenya to Katmandu, Jane Perry sets out to explore the world and finds romance and excitement at every turn... PASSION From Bali to Sydney to Hawaii, Jane follows her heart's desires... and leaves behind men who will never forget her... WANDERLUST An erotic odyssey of passion and obsession. Part of a trilogy: Wanderlust, Interludes, Escapes

 About Elieba Levine:
Elieba Levine is a passionate writer and discerning editor who currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has written five fiction novels, a picture book, and an award-winning screenplay. Her extensive world travels greatly influenced the settings in her erotic trilogy Wanderlust, Interludes, and Escapes-which have recently been released in electronic format. She is currently working on her next novel.

My Review:

"Wanderlust" is the story of passionate affairs had by Jane Perry as she travels to exotic places all over the world. The descriptions of her travels add interest to the story and provide some insight into things one might witness in these locations - things like the exotic animals and their behavior in Kenya and the markets of Kathmandu. 

I found the characters flat and didn't care much for the main character. Every time she turned around there was a man she was considering have sex with. I understand that the point of the book was that Jane was allowing herself to have new experiences but she just seemed easy to me. A total stranger on a plane asks her to share his room and she agrees. I would have liked more intrigue, more emotion, more connection between the objects of her desire.

The sex scenes were fairly well done. I did get caught up in some of them. But it didn't help the book overall much. Much of the plot was very predictable and lacked much imagination.  

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