Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something Totally Random

So here's the deal. Totally random writing prompts. Daily. Some will be pure brainstorm and some I'll put into a little story - flash fiction if you will. I have to limit it to 300 or so words. I'll post the stories here. I won't spend a lot of time editing, revising, etc. A little research if I think it's needed, then write it and spend an hour or so tops.

Today's totally random subject was selected by going to Google Search, closing my eyes, and hitting 3 letters on my keyboard. Whatever Google listed first under the results for those 3 letters was to be the subject for today's writing prompt. 

I typed "hkg" and the first result was "Hong Kong International Airport". It did require a bit of research since I know nothing about Hong Kong. Here is the resulting piece of writing. Let's call it - "Bik's New Bed". Let me know what you think - the cold, hard truth! 

"Mommy, it's so big!", 4-year old Bik commented to her mother, Jin Wang as they strode hand in hand through the terminal in the Hong Kong International Airport. In her other hand,  she clutched a photograph. 

Jin smiled. "Look, you can see the sky through the ceiling!" 

Bik looked up from her photo, smiled and skipped. She stumbled.

"Mommy, you go too fast".

Jin slowed her pace. "I'm sorry honey. Here's our gate. Let's sit until it's time to get on the plane".

Bik stepped in front of Jin. She bounced and looked at the picture as she spoke. "I get to see my daddy soon?"

"Yes baby you do".

"I like him", she said. 

"So do I Bik". Jin gave her a hug.

"Will he hug me?" she asked, eyes wide.

"I'm sure he will. He loves you very much".

Bik smiled. She was just a few months old when she and Jin left a 700 square foot apartment in mainland China and moved to Hong Kong for a better life.

"My bed looks funny".

Her photo was of her father next to her bed in China. 

"What do you mean?"

"Where are the lines?"

"What lines Bik?"

"The lines, like the ones on my bed. The grey ones".

Jin stared at the floor, swallowed hard to keep tears back and smiled. "There aren't lines on the beds in China".

She and Bik were cage dwellers in Hong Kong. They shared a room with a dozen other people. Each person had a caged-in section of about 6 feet by 2 feet in which they slept.

The gate attendant called for boarding to begin on their flight. 

"Let's go baby. Time to go home"

Jin stood and took Bik's hand. When they reached the gate Bik looked up at the attendant as she took their boarding passes from her mother. 

"I get a daddy and a new bed today!" she exclaimed and ran ahead of her mother down the breezeway to the plane. 


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