Thursday, February 14, 2013

Up: Love Story

Gets me every time!  Every *#(@ time! 

"I am about to let you see something I have never shown to another human being. Ever! In my life!"

And so begins one of the sweetest love stories ever.  

"Up" has many lessons, one is that life itself is an adventure.  Like Ellie, as children we all have heads full of dreams of places we will go and things we will do.  If we are lucky, we find someone like Carl who wants to help us make those dreams happen and wants to go on those adventures with us.  

In this film life gets in the way of Carl and Ellie making these dreams come true, and Carl feels immense guilt.  His heart breaks at his perceived failure to give his beloved Ellie the life she dreamed of.  He discovers, however that she didn't feel this way at all.  She had adventures with him, just not the ones she dreamed of as a child.

I think we all should have an "Adventure Book".  I think we all should have a head full of places we want to go and things we want to do.  Going to Italy, Greece, and many other places in the world are in my Adventure Book. Learning about wine and bourbon, learning to speak a couple of languages, and becoming a gourmet chef are in my book along with becoming a published author and other things.

If there is one thing I have learned about life though it is that we have no clue what is around the corner.  I may do all of these things.  I may do none of them or some of them.  I will undoubtedly do things that have not even entered my mind yet.  

The key is to seize every day and resist the urge to settle.  We have to get out of our comfort zone on a regular basis so we can grow and have new experiences.  

Life is an adventure by its very nature. Its unpredictability makes it an adventure.  An unexpected turn doesn't mean that our dreams have to die.  It may mean a dream has to wait.  It may mean we have a new dream to pursue!  We can't let life get in the way of having adventures.  We can't let it kill our passion for living.


  1. Oh man. I love "Up"!! it's soo sweet and makes me believe in true love. I bawl every time I watch it. :)

  2. Me too Samantha! It gets me every time! It's one of many Disney movies that can be enjoyed by adults and kids both, but for completely different reasons. I love it!