Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Friday - Jen Stark - paper artist

The Artist

American contemporary artist Jen Stark creates three-dimensional pieces from paper. Among her tools are an X-acto knife, wood, and mirrors.  Her methods are simply layering a variety of colors in order to achieve different effects. She is inspired by microscopic natural patterns, wormholes and sliced anatomy.  

Sunken Sediment

The Highest Point

You often say you are inspired by science and psychedelia. Tell us more about your fascination.
I love thinking about how enormous shapes out in the universe can have the same patterns as tiny microorganisms under a microscope. How geometric shapes and certain spiraling patterns apply to designs in nature big and small. Also, it is interesting to me how much we still don't know about science and the way things work. I hope to maybe reveal, on a visual level, some truth or insight about these ideas. My work relates to the psychedelic movement because of ideas of perception, and a sense of altered consciousness. I'm also drawn to the radiant colors associated with psychedelics and the fascination with optical patterns and mind alterations. I think in certain ways, psychedelia is a quest to discover unknowns about ourselves and the universe, and I'm striving to answer these type of questions through my artwork.
Stark was the winner of the MOCA North Miami Optic Nerve 10th annual film festival, as well as recipient of the prestigious South Florida Cultural Consortium's Visual and Media Artists Fellowship in 2008. Her work was also recently included in Cool Hunting's "Best of 2012"

Spectral Zenith

Stark’s began working with paper during a study abroad trip in the south of France, during which a declining dollar forced her to choose an affordable art medium with great potential.

Coriolis Effect

You can find more about Ms Stark and her work here:


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