Monday, February 18, 2013

Playlist - Brandy and Scott

Lots of revising going on right now.  The story isn't getting longer at this point, but hopefully it's getting better.  This week I want to share a couple of songs that remind me of Brandy and Scott.  The first is "Don't You Want to Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson - because it's always over too soon. The lyrics are below the video.

i really hate to let this moment go
touching your skin and your hair falling slow
when a goodbye kiss, feels like this

don't you wanna stay here a little while
don't you wanna hold each other tight
don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight
don't you wanna stay here a little while
we can make forever feel this way
don't you wanna stay

lets take it slow i don't want to move too fast
i don't wanna just make love, i wanna make love last
when your up this high, it's a sad goodbye

(Repeat Chorus)
oh yeah!!!
oh it feels so perfect baby..don't you wanna stay here a little while..

(Repeat Chorus)
Don't you wanna stay..
yeah yeah yeahhh
yeah yeah yeahhh

And one more, but not for the lyrics. I don't know about other writers but often my stories come to me in flashes - a scene at a time. I fall in love with the scene, get it on paper, and then figure out how I'm going to fit it into the story. That is what happened with this song. It has nothing at all to do with the lyrics. It has to do with the mood of the song and images that come to my mind when I listen to it. There's something very sexy about Pink Floyd's sound. That's the only hint you get. :) Now push "Play", close your eyes, and listen to the music.


Later peeps. Have an awesome day. It is what you make it!

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