Saturday, March 16, 2013

Writing Prompt - Truant

“Dear Parent, this letter is to inform you that your child is truant as the result of three unexcused absences . . . “

Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I go, you yell at me for not sitting still or falling asleep. I don’t go, I’m truant. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

Chris left the letter on the kitchen table for his mom and glanced at his watch. 10:40. What time does the bus come? Maybe mom . . . he looked on the counter. Yep, she did. He smiled. She left his ipad on the counter before she went to work and put a post-it note on it - “Bus at 3rd and Hill at 11:00”. Oh, crap.

He went to his room and banged out a question to a discussion group for indie game developers.   

“game locks up. problem lines below. What’s the prob?”


Back to the kitchen to grab an apple and his ipad. Another post-it under the ipad – “Don’t forget your keys – on hook by door”.

Apple in mouth, ipad under arm, ipod in pocket, out the door with his keys.  As soon as his butt hit the bench at the bus stop, he saw the bus turn the corner and had to stand right back up.

10 minutes into an online TedTalk about super string theory, his phone vibrated.

“Catch the bus?” his mom texted him.

“Yep”, he answered as he bounced his leg up and down.


“Letter came”

“K. No worries. We’ll work it out”.

“ Thanks mom”.

“YW.  Send me pics! I love Dali!”


Back to super string theory. As he removed his ear buds when the video ended the guy next to him nudged him with his elbow.  

“School out today or something?”

“Nah”, he responded.  "School’s boring.  Got better stuff to do”.

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