Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Dilettante: Guest Post by Khanh Ha, author

Check out this fascinating interview with the author of Flesh. 

Book Dilettante: Guest Post by Khanh Ha, author: Welcome to   Khanh Ha , author of the historical novel Flesh   (Black Heron Press, 2012) set in early 20th century Vietnam. He gives u...

Flesh by Khanh Ha

The setting is Tonkin (northern Vietnam) at the turn of the 20th century. A boy, Tai, witnesses the beheading of his father, a notorious bandit, and sets out to recover his head and then to find the man who betrayed his father to the authorities. On this quest, Tai’s entire world will shift. FLESH takes the reader into dark and delightful places in the human condition, places where allies are not always your friends, true love hurts, and your worst enemy may bring you the most comfort. In that emotionally harrowing world, Tai must learn to deal with new responsibilities in his life while at the same time acknowledging his bond, and his resemblance, to a man he barely knew--his father. Through this story of revenge is woven another story, one of love, but love purchased with the blood of murders Tai commits. A coming-of-age story, but also a love story, the sensuality of the author’s writing style belies the sometimes brutal world he depicts

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